San Diego Beach Report: 2023

State Beach:   Border Field  •  Silver Strand  •  Torrey Pines  •  Cardiff  •  San Elijo  •  Moonlight  •  Leucadia  •  South Carlsbad  •  Carlsbad

Product:     Survey Coverage Map  •  Annual Summary  •  Seasonal Beach Width  •  Seasonal Volume Change

Mean sand elevation and volume change between the summer and winter seasons. Upper Panel: Elevation change going from the mean summer elevations to the mean winter elevations. The erosion and deposition volumes are the net negative and positive changes respectively. Middle Panel: The (cross shore summed) alongshore volumes, and (right side) the total mean summer and winter known-to-be-mobile sand volumes. Lower Panel: Alongshore change in the cross shore volume going from summer to winter, and (right side) the total mean volume change.