To build a more resilient future through the advancement of climate science, academic-community partnerships, and adaptation strategies.


Advance Climate Science 

  • Enhance regional climate models 
  • Advance research on natural variability v. climate change 
  • Support interdisciplinary research to understand convergent climate stressors
  • Improve techniques for tracking climate trends and impacts in communities 

Test Adaptation Strategies

  • Apply scientific methods to inform adaptation strategies and pathways
  • Collaborate on the design, monitoring and evaluation of adaptation strategies
  • Support interdisciplinary research teams to advance best practices and an understanding of the adaptation and mitigation nexus

Build Capacity

  • Partner with science-outreach organizations to develop science dissemination tools, conduct outreach, and identify applied research needs
  • Provide science advisory services to communities at risk
  • Serve as a hub for convenings and trainings
  • Host funds, fellowships and internships to support next generation climate leaders



The Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (CCCIA) was founded in 2016 with a generous donation from Dick and Carol Hertzberg.  The Center's mission reflects a vision to leverage the legacy of UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography's expertise in climate science to support an urgent global need to better understand and prepare for climate change impacts. 

CCCIA is uniquely positioned to play a key role in helping to mobilize the many interdisciplinary researchers increasingly focused on climate impacts research throughout Scripps, UCSD, and partner institutions.  We seek to leverage this expertise to help communities better prepare for these threats and adapt to build a more resilient future.