California Releases 4th Climate Change Assessment with Contributions from Center Affiliates

California released its 4th Climate Change Assessment, a multi-region review of climate change impacts that also provides planning tools to support the state’s response, on August 27, 2018.

Many affiliates of the Center contributed to the statewide, regional and technical assessments. Learn more about these assessments in the links below:

Statewide Summary Report – Dan Cayan, Julie Kalansky, David Pierce

Los Angeles Regional Report – Timu Gallien

San Diego Regional Report – Julie Kalansky, Dan Cayan, Kate Barba, Rachel Clemesha, Laura Engeman, Reinhard E. Flick, Alexander Gershunov, Sarah Giddings, Kristen Guirguis, Bonnie Ludka, Amber Pairis, David Pierce, Adam Young

Sierra Nevada Regional Report – Dan Cayan, David Pierce

Climate, Drought, and Sea Level Rise Scenarios for California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment – David Pierce, Julie Kalansky, Dan Cayan

Statistical Prediction of Minimum and Maximum Air Temperature in California and Western North America – Dan Cayan, Alexander Gershunov

Subseasonal to Seasonal Temperature Prediction Skill over the California Region from Global Dynamical Forecasts – Dan Cayan, David Pierce

Cumulative Global CO2 Emissions and their Climate Impact from Local through Regional Scales – Dan Cayan, David Pierce

San Diego County Ecosystems: Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on a Biodiversity Hotspot – Dan Cayan, Julie Kalansky, Amber Pairis, Udara Abeysekera, Rachel Clemesha, Alexander Gershunov, Kristen Guirguis, Janin Guzman-Morales, David Pierce

Be sure to visit the Assessment website here for all of the statewide, regional and technical reports.

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