Center Director Mark Merrifield Discusses with Port Commissioners What to Expect From Sea Level Rise

Director of the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, Dr. Mark Merrifield, spoke to the Port of San Diego and the Southwest Navy Region at their meeting on Tuesday, May 8th to introduce the Center and ways that it can help support sea level rise planning. Prior to this talk, the Port approved a Memorandum Agreement (MOA) with the Navy, which signifies an agreement to examine sea level rise solutions for the San Diego Bay over a period of six years.

Dr. Merrifield shared information on sea level rise vulnerability for San Diego bay — which will face a likely sea level rise of several feet by the end of the century — and discussed the ways in which the Center could help the Port plan for this expected sea level rise.

Photo posted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography on twitter (scripps_ocean)

Top photo posted by Phillip Molnar, a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune on twitter (@PhillipMolnar)