Center Hosts 150+ Researchers at West Coast Flood Workshop

In late March 2021, the Center co-sponsored and organized a workshop on Coastal Flood Modeling, Prediction, and Observations for the U.S. West Coast, as part of the Ocean Visions Equitable Solutions for Coastal Climate Change and Adaptation Initiative.

The two day virtual meeting brought together researchers from California, Oregon, Washington, federal agencies (NOAA, USGS, US Army Corps, FEMA) with the Integrated Ocean Observing Systems (SCCOOS, CenCOOS, NaNOOS) and Sea Grant networks (CA, OR, WA) to discuss strategies for improving and integrating coastal flood products and observations to better assist community stakeholders with addressing coastal flood hazards and sea-level rise, now and in the future. 

Almost 20 regional case studies were submitted as part of this workshop, showcasing how flooding products are evolving to meet a range of coastal stakeholder needs for addressing contemporary and future coastal flood hazards. Participants also heard from NOAA NOS Acting Assistant Administrator Nicole LeBoeuf and IOOS US Director, Carl Gouldman about the ongoing need for regional partnerships to monitor changing coastal landscapes and flood event impacts on local communities.

The workshop is part of a national series under the umbrella of Ocean Visions, with similar dialogues being facilitated on the east and gulf coasts. Leads from the workshops will convene during a joint session at the May 18-21 Ocean Visions Summit to pursue identified cross-sector collaborations, knowledge exchange, and solutions that can further advance equitable coastal adaptation in local communities across the U.S. You can register for the Ocean Visions Summit here.

The West Coast Flooding workshop was sponsored the following partners: