Center Researchers Participate in UC San Diego’s “Evenings on Nonconventional Wisdom” Climate Event

Center Director Mark Merrifield participated in a panel discussion during a UC San Diego climate event, “Getting Our Climate Act Together: Addressing Climate Change at All Levels” last Thursday, April 29th. The event brought together researchers from several departments across campus including Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Department of Cognitive Science, the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, the Department of Anthropology, and the School of Global Policy and Strategy.

The event was one in a series of five, which celebrate UC San Diego’s 60th anniversary by showcasing the global impacts, leading-edge research and Triton spirit that have helped solve the great challenges of our day. The panel discussion was moderated by MAS alumna MacKenzie Elmer of the Voice of San Diego, and co-hosted by Scripps Oceanography Director Dr. Margaret Leinen and Dr. Benjamin Bergen of the UC San Diego Language and Cognition Lab and UC San Diego Climate Action Lab.

Throughout the 1.5 hour event, UC San Diego’s leading climate research was showcased, while panelists offered their expert perspectives on practical ways we can protect the health and well-being of our global population, our most vulnerable communities and our environment. Panelists included Dr. Mark Merrifield and CCCIA affiliated researchers Dr. Tarik Benmarhnia, Dr. Isabel Rivera-Collazo, Dr. David Victor.

You can watch the event here.