Center staff help kick off Resilient Cities Coastal Exchange

In July, Program Director Laura Engeman participated in a Resilient Cities Catalyst Exchange, which involved a series of workshops focused on identifying possible innovative solutions for addressing San Diego regional coastal hazards and sea-level rise.

The Exchange was an initiative led by Resilient Cities Catalyst and the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative and was designed to serve as a forum for developing solutions, products, and services needed to solve pressing urban city challenges. Held over five sessions, Exchange participants from local cities, community groups, and engineering firms discussed examples of coastal resilience strategies in the Netherlands and Hawaii, as well as the Cardiff dunes living shoreline project.

Laura helped kick off the Exchange with a presentation on San Diego coastal features and processes along with forecasted impacts from coastal storms and sea-level rise. She plans to continue her involvement in the initiative as it looks to focus on local hotspots where the center has research expertise and scientific observations, which can help to inform adaptation solutions.

Feature photo of Cardiff Beach flooding taken by CCCIA researchers.