KPBS Interviews Scripps Scientists on Record-Breaking Ocean Temperatures

Record-breaking high temperatures in San Diego’s ocean waters have been making headlines nationwide. KPBS recently interviewed Dr. Dan Rudnick, a Scripps physical oceanographer and Center research affiliate, amongst other Scripps scientists about this historical event.

Dr. Rudnick emphasized the importance of data-collecting, whether it be the observations taken from the pier since 1916 or the more recent observations from Argo array.

“Making the observations we do at Scripps in general from the pier, from the data that we collect from underwater gliders is in some ways the most fundamental thing we do,” remarked Dr. Rudnick, “because no matter what happens, what changes occur. At the baseline we have to see them and be able to document what happened.”

To watch the video from KPBS, visit here.

Learn more about Dr. Rudnick and our other Research Affiliates here.