New Director for the Scripps Climate Change Center

The Alliance welcomes Mark Merrifield, the new director of the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Merrifield brings his experience from two decades of studying both global and regional sea-level change, and his passion for linking research outcomes to societal solutions.

“I’m excited to join the center and to help connect the discovery and innovation taking place at Scripps and across UC San Diego to opportunities that directly impact people and the environment,” Merrifield said.

While sea-level rise will take initial focus at the Center, Merrifield plans on addressing issues related to climate change such as water supply shortages from droughts, the effects on energy production, marine ecosystem impacts, as well as engaging with community stakeholders to build resiliency.

Read the full press release from Scripps Institution of Oceanography here.