Tropical Pacific Observing Needs Workshop

Dr. Yassir Eddebbar gave the plenary presentation at the second day of the US CLIVAR Tropical Pacific Observing Needs Workshop on Tuesday, May 25th. The three day workshop gathered community input on tropical Pacific observing needs to advance understanding of multi-scale ocean-atmosphere coupled processes and to discuss how such observations could help improve satellite retrievals, data assimilation, and climate, forecast, and biogeochemical models.

Yassir discussed the importance of measuring and modeling both ocean physics and biogeochemistry together, especially in the equatorial tropical Pacific region. The equatorial Pacific is losing oxygen at one of the highest rates and accounts for 20% of oxygen loss globally. Observations in this region are sparse and looking at both biogeochemistry and ocean physics together could help us understand ocean deoxygenation.

He also discussed the need for enhanced observations through biogeochemical measurements like additional BGC Argo floats and CDT casts, the need for better understanding of how ocean biogeochemistry relates to climate variability, and the role of ocean mixing in biogeochemistry.

You can watch the plenary talk here.